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Do you own a commercial property?

Yes? Commercial property ownership extends beyond offices and retail spaces. It encompasses various unique and sometimes unexpected properties, from sewerage works to private schools. Understanding the breadth of tax reliefs available could greatly benefit your business financially.

How can I benefit?

Here are the key points to determine potential benefits from Capital Allowances:

  • Tax Liability: You must be in a tax-paying position to offset any relief.
  • Ownership of Expenses: The entity that incurs the expense on a commercial property is entitled to claim the relief.
  • Commercial Activity: Your property must be used for commercial activity, which could range from a simple holiday let to a large international corporation.

Is there tax relief available?

Indeed, there is. The scope of what qualifies might be broader than you think. For example, an owner of sewerage works operating a biotech company could claim relief on equipment needed for environmental safety after processing.

The types of property that can qualify can be extremely varied including:

  • Privately-run educational institutions
  • Crematoriums and pet cemeteries
  • Mobile home parks (ancillary facilities)
  • Airports, ports, and associated structures
  • Sports grounds and recreational facilities
  • Commercial art galleries and private museums
  • And the list goes on!

The determining factor is the commercial use and the tax-paying status of the entity.

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Case study

A customer success story

Purchase and enhancements

East View Housing Management Ltd had multiple properties where tax relief wasn’t claimed on initial purchases or enhancements. They saved £254,400 resulting in increased profitability for them.

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I would highly recommend Paul. He kept us informed throughout the process, needed minimal amounts of our time, was extremely professional and importantly managed to get us the tax saving we were hoping for.

Beverley Morgan
East View Housing Management Ltd