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Hotel bedroom

Do you own a hotel?

It’s crucial to stay updated on tax reliefs available to your property. Hotel Allowances, once a staple tax relief for hoteliers, ended in 2011. But the end of one tax relief does not mean the end of opportunities.

How can I benefit?

Though Hotel Allowances are history, the doors to tax reliefs aren’t entirely closed for hotel owners. Like all business entities, hoteliers can claim Capital Allowances on various aspects like Plant & Machinery, Integral Features, and costs linked to purchasing, construction, modifications, fitting-out, or refurbishments.

Is there tax relief available?

Absolutely. According to HMRC, a staggering 9 out of 10 businesses in the UK might be missing out on tax reliefs rightfully available to them.

So, what’s the missing link? Simplified, your accountants could effortlessly claim tax relief for a dining room furniture invoice. Yet, handed a purchase completion statement or a contractor’s interim certificate, extracting tax-relief eligible components becomes challenging.

This gap in extracting maximum tax reliefs is where our expertise can help. Collaborating with your current accountants, we aim to ensure every eligible pound is accounted for, dissecting lump sums in a manner endorsed by the Inland Revenue.

Contact us for a chat. Our fees will come out of what we have saved you, so all it will cost you is your time

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Get the tax relief you are entitled to

If you need the help of a tax consultant to identify what tax relief you are eligible for on your commercial property, contact us today to have a no obligation chat.

We’ll do our best to call when it’s convenient for you.

Case study

A customer success story

Purchase and enhancements

East View Housing Management Ltd had multiple properties where tax relief wasn’t claimed on initial purchases or enhancements. They saved £254,400 resulting in increased profitability for them.

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I would highly recommend Paul. He kept us informed throughout the process, needed minimal amounts of our time, was extremely professional and importantly managed to get us the tax saving we were hoping for.

Beverley Morgan
East View Housing Management Ltd