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Residential care for learning disabilities

East View Housing Management Ltd

Beverley discovered claims for Capital Allowance had not been made when the properties were initially purchased or on any of the enhancements made since then.  She knew there was tax relief to be had, but needed help claiming it.

The challenge

What did we need to do?

Beverley contacted Sponjem after having been recommended to Paul Jempson by her accountants.

She wanted to make sure that any claims they were entitled to were identified, even in historic purchases.  Time, as with many people, was limited so she needed someone to take on the work on her behalf.

There were multiple buildings purchased and various enhancements to the properties, so potentially many areas where they might be eligible for tax relief.

Paul initially asked a number of questions then independently worked to analyse the information provided, seek any further information and prepare the reports without an excess time input from them.

The results

What did we manage to achieve?

Paul provided an excellent service throughout and was able to make £254,400 of savings over a number of properties  resulting in increased profitability for them.

I would highly recommend Paul. He kept us informed throughout the process, needed minimal amounts of our time, was extremely professional and importantly managed to get us the tax saving we were hoping for.

Beverley Morgan
East View Housing Management Ltd